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About Us:

Our Company Overview:

Our vision and guiding principal of Centrix Systems is to assist multi-national companies that have interest in expanding its market share or presence in selected regions of Asia, Latin America and the U.S.

Our Experience:

International business development is uniquely identifiable and challenging for many business enterprises from large to small. What is challenging is the lack of knowledge and understanding - of the local region; of the cultural differences; of the communication; and of the governmental policies that set the tone on How, What and When.

With our established presence in Asia and Vietnam, we can assist our clients by conducting an initial market study of industries and trends, by locating and identifying prospective projects and/or opportunities, by presenting an effective strategy and development to achieve the end result.

Our capabilities includes: identify and qualify potential projects for investment, development of opportunities, joint venture with local partner, merger and acquisition, local market penetration, and collaboration and cooperation with local partners.

The successes of our efforts are through the experience of our team members and their abilities to possess strong work ethics and our commitment to deliver. Our team members have a wide range of experiences in the oil & gas and chemical, manufacturing and outsourcing, technology and governmental relations that set us apart from other service providers. 

Our Plan:

Based on market trends and client’s long term objectives, will be the determining factor on our plan of action and for a sustainable growth that is well into the future. From a single-point to a multi-level or a multi-directional approach, our aim is to find the most cost-effective solutions that are suitable for execution and implementation of our client's strategy.

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